Bowl 214: 雷神 – 濃厚豚骨魚介しょう油ラーメン

Bowl 214

Ramen Raijin: Rich Tonkotsu Seafood Shoyu Ramen
*Special on Jan 20th – Limited 50*

Previously (Bowl 188), Raijin were offering a special tonkotsu ramen for their 3rd year anniversary. Guess what? They were offering it one more time on the 20th. This time I finally got a chance to try this mysterious bowl of ramen. This shoyu ramen had a super rich blend of tonkotsu broth and seafood dashi. Super rich broth might be too heavy for certain audience. Therefore, Chef Hiroshi Yoshida had modified the formula of this rich broth into a smoother taste, while maintaining the rich flavour of this seafood broth. Other than their ramen toppings (i.e Cha shu, egg, green onion & nori), their fresh chopped onion with dried bonito powder will give you a refreshing feeling, while you were enjoy this bowl of ramen. Furthermore, their garlic flavour oil were blend with bonito, mackerel and anchovies that will give you good kick of flavour on your taste buds.

Indeed, I can actually taste the bonito flakes & anchovies in the broth. It was rich, flavourful and smooth all in one broth. However, I couldn’t feel the taste of noodles, which seems the noodles had completely blended into the rich broth. As you add extra noodles afterwards, you will have a different experience which you can enjoy natural flavour of ramen noodles & the savoury broth. Overall, this is one interesting bowl of ramen to try.

Thank you Ramen Raijin for the great bowl of ramen.
Looking forward to your next ramen special. Therefore,

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues

Bowl 134: 唐變木 -サラダラーメン

Bowl 134

Touhenboku salad ramen special 2015
White – Soy Milk Miso (豆乳味噌冷麺)
Black – Soy Sauce Maple Vinegar (冷やし中華)
Red – Tomato Gazpacho (トマトガスパチョ)

Feeling blue? Let’s have a refreshing salad ramen.
Touhenboku were offering a series of salad ramen for this summer starting June. After having the Natsu Ramen (Bowl 75) last summer, they seem to be quite creative on their ramen design. This year, Touhenboku had used three different colours (White, Black, and Red) to resemble the variations for their salad ramen. Once you had tried all three salad ramen, you are eligible to enter a prize draw for a return ticket to Japan. I had submitted my stamp card last week.
Let’s talk about it one by one.

White – Soy Milk Miso (豆乳味噌冷麺)
This is a miso flavoured salad ramen with a creamy soy milk base. This ramen were topped with fire roasted cha shu and my favourite vegetables, including pea shoots, corn, bean sprout, black fungus and green onion. The vegetable toppings had introduced an additional texture to the noodles. In addition, corn had enhanced a touch of sweetness on the overall experiences. Also, chilli powder will be served on the side, which gives an addition kick to your taste buds. Overall, this is quite a refreshing dish to try. However, their fire roasted chashu pork needs to be improved.

Black – Soy Sauce Maple Vinegar (冷やし中華)
Touhenboku Black was resembled as sesame and garlic oil. This is a Hiyashi Chuka style ramen with sweet & sour soy sauce and a hint of sesame oil. Other than the toppings that you will see on a Hiyashi Chuka (i.e cucumber, tomato, bean sprout and egg), they had included pea shoots and a slice of Touhenboku’s chicken chashu. Their chicken chashu looks very similar to a chicken pate, which look slightly different than other places. I particularly like their garlic chilli oil on the side, because this garlic oil really enhances the flavour of this dish. If you like Hiyashi Chuka, you definitely add this in your collection list.

Red – Tomato Gazpacho (トマトガスパチョ)
Tomato seems to be quite a popular item for ramen places this year. After Raijin’s Tomato Tsukemen (Bowl 122) & Kinton’s Tomato Spicy Cold Ramen (Bowl 123), Touhenboku is offering the Tomato Gazpacho Salad ramen as the summer special. All three dishes had their own characteristics. If anyone were interested, I will do an analysis of all three tomato ramen together. As for now, I will talk about the tomato gazpacho. Indeed, there are several creative elements in this bowl. Other than chilled tomato soup base, ramen were topped with okra, marinated cherry tomato, dried garlic and popped wild rice. Okra, Dried garlic and popped wild rice had introduced a crunchy texture as you mixed with the noodles. Also, they had incorporated cubes of tomato gelee in this bowl. I believed the tomato gelee was acting as the protein in this dish. Overall, this is quite interesting to try. I believed there are rooms to improve with the Tomato soup base.

Here’s my analysis of Touhenboku’s salad ramen for 2015. The purpose of trying all three salad ramen is to have a taste of different ramen dish. I didn’t really expect to win the prize. If I really get a free plane ticket to Japan, it would really achieve my ultimate goal in future.
To begin my real ramen adventure at my final destination. – Japan.

(P.S. – I would love to go. But I can’t go away for a long vacation at this time.)
I guess I will keep dreaming for now. Therefore…..

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues ….

Bowl 118: 坦々麺 – 居酒屋・ラーメン屋

Bowl 118
Tan-Tan Men
(Top) Kenzo Ramen, Guu Izakaya
(Buttom) Ryus Noodle Bar, Hapa Izakaya

Since Bowl 101, 102 at Ramen Isshin and Raijin, I had discovered more places that offer tan tan men in their regular and special menu. It seem each restaurant have their own ways of delivering their product. I am not trying to determine which places had the best tan tan men. The purpose of this review is to determine the characteristics for each one. Perhaps .. Let’s begin.

Kenzo Ramen @ Sheppard (Top left)
They had offered this new item recently on the menu along with the tsukemen, black tonkotsu and creamy vegetable ramen. This tan tan men had a clear spicy broth with the standard ingredients (i.e. ground pork, corn, scallion and baby choy). You can actually request for the spiciness level for this ramen. I like spiciness of this ramen where I can feel the kick on my tongue, and the corn had given a touch of sweetness into this flavour. This reminds me of the level 3 spicy chashu ramen challenge (Bowl 28), but this is not as extreme as that level 3 ramen. The sesame flavour was very light comparing with other 3 bowls of ramen. Their ground pork had little seasoning in it, but I would mix a little spicy oil together to make it a little more interesting.

Ryus Noodle Bar (Bottom Left, Bowl 98)
Due to the popular demand, they are bringing back this item in the special menu. One of the highlights would be a mix of rich and flavorful broth containing dried shrimp, sesame, and four kinds of miso blending together. Sesame and miso paste had created a thicker texture on their broth. The ground pork and dried shrimp had created a unique flavor accompanied with their thin noodle.

Guu Izakaya (Top Right)
Other than Shoyu and Tomato ramen (Bowl 18), tan tan men is their latest addition on Guu’s lunch menu. This broth contains a blend of sesame, shoyu, and peanut better accompanied with spinach and ground pork. The ramen portion was quite decent with their regular size. Based on all the ramen that I had at Guu in the past, there is one thing in common…. “OIL on the surface”. Their oil actually enhance the flavour of the ramen, which makes it quite tasty. However, if you prefer something less oil, I would order other items on their lunch menu which is Guuuuuud as well.

Hapa Izakaya (Top Buttom)
This is one of their Wednesday ramen specials that I had before. Hapa’s tan tan men had a different way of presenting their product, which contains less broth than others. This is a lo – mein style dish containing spicy miso minced pork, poached egg, green onion, seaweed and bean sprout. The poached egg yolk had pulled everything together, and their noodles had captured the flavour of the condensed broth.
Here’s my opinion of the selected tan tan men. If you are interest to see other tan tan men in other place, free feel to check out the following post.
Bowl 22: Hapa Izakaya/Kingyo Izakaya
Bowl 24: Sansotei/Momofuku
Bowl 98: Ryus Noodle Bar
Bowl 101: Ramen Isshin
Bowl 102: Ramen Raijin
Bowl 112: Kingyo Izakaya

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues …

Ramen 2 – 夢.起航

Ramen 2

Sansotei Ramen 三草亭 – Tonkotsu Ramen

天大地大… 我應該從那裡開始呢

沿途見到Japango,日出茶太,還有Don Don居酒屋,
繼續在Dundas向前行…在Java Joe’s 咖啡店正對面的三草亭
二話不說… 我決定一拼去排隊

窄小的空間. 三張長檯一直排
當我抬頭一望.. 有一條大麻繩在上面懸掛着
由入口到盡頭的廚房, 連成一線
或許… 我想太多了…

聽聞剛剛開張的三草亭,他們未到 7:45pm,

後期也有開始賣粗麵. 他們的粗麵比較有嚼勁.

飲完湯後 ….我仿佛感覺到”溫暖”

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues …

Ramen 1 – 尋找. 愛.

Ramen 1

Kinton Ramen 1 @ Baldwin – Miso Yasai Ramen + Pork Belly

夏天正在來臨.. 應該是開心的日子
為什麼我仍然感覺到冷.. 真的很冷..

原來是金豚拉麵店的新開張, 可能是新開張的關係
除了在Bestbuy排隊買PS4之外, 我真的很久沒有看過這麼長的人龍..

這裡的氣氛非常好. 她們的熱情令我覺得有一種被受歡迎的感覺

真的很期待. 那碗拉麵的來臨

等了一回. It’s finally here.
如果你問我一樣她的優點, 這絕對是拉麵上的 “金豚”
“金豚” 就是他們特製的豚肉叉燒

原來當你完整食完一碗麵之後. 他會幫妳拍照留念.
拍照過後. 我好奇打開他的臉書專頁
在他們的專頁裡見到很多kinton bowler
他們手上拿着沒有麵的空碗. 帶着滿足的表情

看見有些人去咗10次, 30次,甚至100次, 食了100碗拉麵.
我心諗, 係唔係真係咁好食…….要去食100次?
除了好吃之外, 他為什麼去這樣做呢?
~~想一班侍應同你一齊影相, 放在你的”臉書”裡?

Who knows? 但以上並不重要.
或許… 我想太多了…

我在他們的熱情氣氛下 心裡帶着”溫暖”的感覺

沒有她之後… 我遇上了”拉麵”..
我漸漸發覺到..人是需要定立一個目標 這樣的人生才有意義的

Perhaps it’s time to set sail for my next destination.
Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues …..

Bowl 53 – 三草亭

Bowl 53

Sansotei Ramen 2: Tonkotsu Black Ramen

Sansotei Ramen…. you had made it for your second location at @ 650 Yonge Street (south of bloor). Overall, their décor were very similar to their first location on Dundas. Instead of four long rectangle tables on the right, there are restaurant booth seats on both sides. Therefore, the middle pathway was slightly wider to walk by. Both menus were the same. Let me introduce the most recent item on their menu. If you like something thick and dense, this ramen on top would be your choice. Tonkotsu Black Ramen was basically Tonkotsu based ramen with some addition garlic oil on top. The garlic oil on top made an addition flavour towards the overall taste. However, I still preferred the original Tonkotsu Ramen.

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues….

Bowl 52 – Re: Birth

Bowl 52

Bowl 52 – Re: Birth

At Home: Tobiko-Ikura Ramen

首先祝我生日快樂~ Happy Birthday to me.

At Bowl 50, I had purchased a bunch of ingredients and end up using a one of two on my list. This time I had used up all my remaining ingredients to remake this ramen plate. This topic for today is “Birth” which fish eggs are first thing that pops on my mind. For this plate, I had used Tobiko and Ikura as my main ramen decorations. Tobiko and Ikura were Fish Caviars/Roe that were commonly used in Japanese cuisine. I really like the colour combination of this plate and this is actually tasty with a touch of soy sauces.
Bowl 52 的意境如下….

“一個人… 讓愛重生” (F.I.R)

Bowl 52 is the continuation of Bowl 50 & 51.
有甜.. 有酸.. 有苦..



所以老土一點… 都要講多一次..




或許… 都將來回頭一望

This mission is almost complete… I should put an end into this soon
But not yet .. I still have a few more pictures to go… Therefore…

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues…