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RYUS Noodles Bar @ Broadview

After a long wait, this day had finally arrived.
RYUS noodles bar 2nd location had finally opened at 786 Broadview Ave (right beside Broadview subway station). I am really excited. They had officially grand opened over the past weekend. I must say. Their new location was more spacious than their 1st location at Baldwin. They had a proper bar counter seats surrounded with many square table seating. The overall lighting is good with taking photos. Most importantly, they were very accessible with public transit. Moreover, they were close to DVP highway exit for anyone who travelled by car. The only question that I concern would be their possible parking spot around the area.

In terms of the menu, they had slightly modified their formula in the receipt. RYUS new broth mainly consists of Ontario’s high quality chicken. The broth has Umami, sweetness, and very rich in flavour. Indeed, there is more items added comparing with the pervious menu. In general, there were three different categories that differentiate into customer preferences.
• Rich broth (Shio, Shoyu, Miso, Spicy Miso)
• Clear broth – (Nostalgic Shio, Nostalgic Shoyu, Shio plum & Sanratan)
• Others (Tsuke-men, pork blaster ramen, & vegetarian)

They had a lot more choices on their new menu, which they had organized it with proper category.
For this article, let’s talk about their basic selections (Shio & Shoyu). As mentioned above, RYUS noodles bar had categorized their ramen into rich & clear broth. You will see two different variations of Shio & Shoyu ramen.

Nostalgic Japanese Ramen Series – 郷愁の淡麗系ラーメン

RYUS had begun nostalgic style ramen as their season special last year. Nostalgic style ramen consists of a light & clear chicken stock with various vegetables, seafood, salt, soy sauce, dried bonito, and seasoned chicken oil. It does give you a comfort feeling with a different way. Since this broth is light in flavour, the natural flavour of topping stands out a bit more. Standard topping consists of chicken cha shu, half soft boil egg, menma (Bamboo Shoots), Arugula, and sesame. Their chicken cha shu were done with the sous-vide method. Sous vide method had create the perfect meat texture of the chicken cha shu. If you like a clear broth, this will be your choice. Moreover, their seasoned egg had improved a lot.

Nostalgic Shio Ramen


If you like to experience their original broth, I would suggest ordering their shio ramen. Comforting soup base with a touch of shio (sea salt) gives you a nostalgic feeling. For me, the nostalgic feeling comes from the gentle sesame aroma, and the natural bitterness of their arugula on top.

Nostalgic Shoyu Ramen


Savoury & flavourful broth paired with touch of premium shoyu. Similar with their Premium Shoyu Ramen (Bowl 270) last year, they maximize the potential of premium shoyu in with a blend of dried sardines, & chicken broth. Other than its standard toppings, one of unique feature would be the freshly grinded pepper that the server will provide at the table. Freshly grinded pepper had added an accent in the flavour.

RYUS Rich Pai-tan Broth

As mentioned above, RYUS new broth mainly consists of Ontario’s high quality chicken. The broth has Umami, sweetness, and very rich in flavour. Chef Ryu had enhanced the formula of their ultimate rich broth base (Bowl 234) with addition Angus beef bones and vegetables. This flavour of this broth was unique with other rich chicken broth out there in Toronto. Standard topping consists of pork & chicken cha shu, menma (Bamboo Shoots), Arugula, white fungus, and sesame. White fungus had effectively absorbed the flavour of their rich chicken broth, and the arugula acted as the pallet cleanser with the rich & creamy broth.

RYUS Rich Shio Ramen


If you like to experience their original broth, I would suggest ordering their shio ramen. This is an enhance version of their Ultimate rich tori paitan ramen last year. Other than it standard toppings, they added marinated egg & lemon zest as their garnish. Lemon zest does refresh your senses from this creamy rich broth, and their arugula had created a nice balance with the overall taste.

Rich Shoyu Ramen


Rich tori paitan broth paired with a special shoyu – 土佐醬油. These shoyu blended with konbu & bonito flakes, which is essential flavour for a bowl of a shoyu ramen. Furthermore, this paitan broth consists of a blend of chicken, various vegetable, dried bonito, seafood, & Angus beef. The flavour were much better than their before. If you like a rich shoyu ramen, this will be for your choice.

Chef Ryuichiro. Welcome back.
Congratulation RYUS Noodle Bar for your 2nd location
Thank you for the ramen once again. I will definitely return to complete my collection.


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雷神 Ramen Raijin – 2017 Summer Ramen Special

Summer is here. Raijin are bringing back their classic summer ramen creations this year as their summer ramen specials this year. Each ramen had their own unique characteristics, and they had one thing in common – Refreshing 🙂

Here’s their summer ramen menu
• Cold Yuzu Shio Ramen -冷やし柚子ラーメン
• Ume Shiso Tsuke-men – 梅としそ冷やしつけ麺
• Cold Maze-men -冷やしまぜそば

Cold Yuzu Shio Ramen -冷やし柚子ラーメン


Raijin’s classic cold ramen formula with the use of Yuzu. Yuzu (柚子) is a popular citrus fruit in Japan. Indeed, Yuzu Citrus is an expensive ingredient which had a unique aroma & taste. Similar with lemon, Chef often used the aromatic zest (outer rind) to garnish dishes, and its juice is commonly used as a seasoning. Raijin’s Cold Yuzu Shio Ramen consists of a light & refreshing yuzu critus broth as a base. Ramen were topped with chicken char siu, pea shoots, sliced honey lemon, seasoned soft boiled egg. Finally, this is garnished with Japanese leek & yuzu peel. Yuzu flavour itself were not too overpowering that gives you a nice pleasant feeling during your slurping experiences.

Indeed, they had offered this as a summer special around 2014 (Bowl 62) & 2016 (Bowl 259). There were some minor modifications each time. Their yuzu based flavour had remained consistent. The shape of chicken cha shu was slightly different (round to long strips). Finally, their ramen bowl had been modified this year for their new location. As I mentioned before, these bowls had a thin layer made with metal material (I am not sure what exact material it is….. maybe stainless steel?). Perhaps, this bowl had effectively preserved the temperature of what’s inside. As for their chilled ramen, it had preserved a cool temperature while I enjoyed the ramen.

Cold Ume Shiso Tsuke-men (梅としそ冷やしつけ麺)


Cold thin ramen noodles infused with shiso oil serve with chilled chicken & bonito based dipping broth. Topped with chicken char siu, thinly sliced Japanese leeks, pea shoots, ice lemon slice, and pickled plum with Shiso. Shiso leaf belongs to the Mint family that had a distinct fragrance. Ume was known as Japanese plum that was widely used in Japanese cuisine. Chef Tamae had effectively utilized these two ingredients, and turned into a unique tsukemen.

I was really impressed with the little details that she had input into this bowl. Flavour wise, she had lighten up the sourness of Ume boshi (pickled plum), and merry this ingredient with shiso. Sourness level was sufficient while you will have a little minty taste along with the savouriness of their chilled chicken & bonito broth. Furthermore, thin chilled noodles were infused with shiso oil before it had served to the table. It had a unique presentation comparing with tsukemen that I saw in the past. Furthermore, it had enhanced the shiso taste during your overall slurping experience. One thing that I must highlight would be their iced lemon. She had frozen lemon juice on the lemon slices that looks like a cone. This creative design will preserve the lemon juice, which will release their flavour bit by bit, while the ice had melted into the dipping broth. This way will omitted the bitterness of over soaked lemon at the end of your meal. As for the broth, I really like how they condense their broth, since the flavour really kicks in as I lightly dipped the noodles in the broth. The least thing that I like would be their chicken char siu, and it seems hard to find the fragrance of shiso for this bowl. Other than that, this is a definitely an unique tsukemen to try

Mazemen – 冷やしまぜそば


Maze-men is another Raijin’s classic in their cold ramen creations. Unfortunately, I cannot eat beef due to personal reasons. However, I did try a similar one back then with minced chicken in it.

Maze-men consists of cold noodles topped with poached Egg, cucumber, fish cake, white sesame, beef, nori seaweed, tempura bits, green onion, grated taro potato. The concept of the mazemen would be a variety of ingredients on top of the noodle. At first, you will be offered a bowl of poach egg on the side to mix with all the ingredients together. The poach egg actually does the magic of pulling everything together on this dish. Their tempura bits will give you a little crunchy taste which enhances the texture of their cold ramen. Overall, the flavour was excellent.

Ramen Raijin. Thank you for the ramen once again.
Looking forward with your other ramen creations…

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues…

Squid Ink or Milk Ramen? @ Aka-Oni Izakaya

When there are new ramen options, I just simply appeared like a ghost.
Recently, Aka-oni had roll out a brand new ramen special that looks totally black. Yes. That’s right. It’s squid ink ramen with oysters













Aka-oni Izakaya – Ika Ink Ramen with Oyster
(Limited Special)
Soup base consists of squid ink blended with a clear shoyu pork broth. Ramen topped with 3 pieces of oysters, naruto maki, soft boiled egg, corn, green onion & thick noodles. Indeed, Oyster was simmered with ramen broth. Therefore, the essences of oysters had blend in to broth, which brings you the umami taste. Thick noodles had a nice bouncy texture with fits well with this clear shoyu pork broth. Unlike other squid ink noodles dishes out there, I don’t have the feeling of creaminess & richness in this broth. However, it does have a balance taste of oyster & squid ink. Overall, this combination is worth to try. Consider as a rare combination in town so far. There are squid ink ramen available out there in the past. It’s the first time for me try this ramen with oyster as a topping.

If you don’t like squid ink, not to worry.
Here’s one of my favourite on the menu. –

Hokkaido King Crab Milk Ramen

Consists of a blend of Hokkaido and local milk broth base, Alaska king crab leg was simmered in this creamy milk broth. The essences of king crab had induced to this creamy ramen broth base, which had created a natural umami taste. Moreover, Aka-oni had recently introduced brand new customized thin or thick noodles. Compare with their previous noodles batch, their new noodles were less alkaline than before, which will be slightly less bouncy than before. Moreover, their new noodles tend to capture/absorb their broth a little more. The diameter of thin & thick were pretty close with once and other. In my opinion, these new noodles work better with this milk ramen. Either thin or thick noodles would do, but I believe thin noodles would work slightly better. Overall, this ramen is pretty decent to try. Considering this is the only place in Toronto who offered this combination (king crab X milk ramen), I would come back and try again.

Aka-Oni Izakaya. Thank you for the ramen once again.
Looking forward with your other ramen creations…
Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues…

Kiu’s Summer Ramen Special

Kiu Japanese Restaurant – Hiyashi Tan Tan noodles

Previously at Bowl 339, I had a nice bowl of Spicy White Sesame Shio Ramen at Kiu during their 1st year anniversary. I had waited for sooooo long. It’s finally arrived – Summer Ramen Special
Hiyashi Tan Tan Noodles.


Hiyashi Tan Tan Noodles is cold version of Kiu’s Black Sesame Tan Tan men (Bowl 243) without soup. This ramen were topped with spicy tan tan ground pork surrounded with lots of julienned carrots, cucumbers, pork cha shu strips, and onsen poached egg. Furthermore, they were garnished with green onion and fine chilli peppers. Most importantly, the fun part of this ramen is where you can grind your own sesame on the side. You can actually smell the aroma while you were grinding black sesame. There’s a variety ingredients in this ramen. Here’s how you enjoyed this.

1. Grind Black sesame
2. Sprinkle grinded black sesame in the bowl
3. Mix everything together
4. Enjoy 


The combination of julienned vegetables and char siu gives you a nice crunchy texture along with their bouncy thick noodles. The egg yolk of their onsen poached egg gives you an addition coating, which slightly balance the flavour of their spicy ground pork. Cold tan tan men had totally reminds me the one that I had at Ramen Raijin (Bowl 259) last year. However, both of them were different with one and other. Other than their selling price, I would prefer the cold version a bit more than their hot Black Sesame Tan Tan men on the menu. The content was similar with one and other. In my opinion, their noodles capture more flavours than the one with soup. The flavour was a lot more concentrated. If they provided a bit more black sesame, it would be better.

Kiu Japanese Restaurant. Thank you for the ramen once again.
Looking forward with your other ramen creations…


Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues…

Nakayoshi Izakaya @ Danforth

Remember a few weeks back (Bowl 346). I got stuck near Pape station, and ended up having ramen at Sakawa Coffee. After that experience, it totally reminds me of an Izakaya that I visited nearby back in 2015 (Bowl 180). – Nakayoshi Izakaya.

How come I drop by all of sudden? Yes….
There is a ramen special 😉 – Hiyashi Chuka.


Bowl 355 – なかよし居酒屋 – 冷やし中華
Nakayoshi Izakaya – Hiyashi Chuka
*Summer Special*


Hiyashi Chuka is a classic Japanese style cold ramen dish. Usually topped with a variety of ramen toppings dressed with sesame or sweet & vinegary soy dressing. It is very common as a cold ramen idea for many restaurants. Every place had their own ways of presenting their own Hiyashi Chuka. Nakayoshi’s Hiyashi Chuka consists of chilled thin egg noodles topped with cha shu, tomato, beansprout, cucumber, menma, & wakame seaweed. Some topping were in thin strip, and some topping were diced. Everything is nicely presented on the plate. Light and healthy.

I wish they would give me a spoon, so I can fully enjoy their diced topping. Other than that, this is not bad at all.


Bowl 356 – なかよし居酒屋 – 豚骨ラーメン
Nakayoshi Izakaya – Tonkotsu Ramen

Other than their summer special, they do have a full ramen menu on top of other sections. I had tried their Spicy miso ramen (Bowl 180). This time, let’s get back to original with their house Tonkotsu ramen.


Nakayoshi’s tonkotsu ramen consists of a milky pork bone broth paired with thin noodles. Topped with pork cha shu, bean sprout, naruto maki, wakame seaweed, pickled ginger, menma, & marinated egg. I particularly like their tonkotsu broth. Perhaps, it might not be as savoury as others tonkotsu broth out there, but it had the milky & comforting element in it. Most importantly, I am not thirsty afterwards. Their noodles were thin & straight tonkotsu noodles, similar with Sansotei & Hakata Shoryuken. I found their noodles were softer than others two places, but it does carry their milky broth quite well. Everything was presented nicely. The only issue that I have would their pork cha shu. It’s fine as a dice format with their hiyashi chukka. However, the texture was slightly overcooked in a sliced format. Moreover, it scatters into smaller pieces as I pick up with my chopstick. Other than that, everything is fine.

Oh yes… and don’t forget about dessert.
Here’s what I had for the day – Tofu Cheesecake


If you are around Danforth area, I would suggest giving it a try.
Nakayoshi Izakaya. Thank you for the ramen once again.
Looking forward to your next creations in the future


Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues….
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Kinton Ramen – 2017 Summer Ramen Special

Summer is here. It totally reminds me to have a nice bowl of cold ramen. After their winter series, Kinton introduce various summer themed ramen specials for every location. Each location had their unique style and characteristics. Finally, I got chance to try them all in one week. Perhaps, let’s talk about it all at once.

2017 Summer Ramen Special
Kinton 1 @ Baldwin – Green Chili Cold Ramen (冷やし青唐辛子麺)
Kinton 2 @ Bloor – Kichijoji Ginger Cold Miso Ramen
Kinton 3 @ Queen – Spicy Pork Mazemen (ピリ辛ポークまぜそば)
Kinton 4 @ North York – Hiyashi Tomatori Ramen (冷やしトマ鶏ラーメン)
Kinton 5 @ Church – Maze Ramen (まぜらーめん)
Kinton 7 @ Markham – Hiyashi Markham (冷やしマーハム)

Bowl 349

Kinton 1 @ Baldwin – Green Chilli Cold Ramen
51 Baldwin Street. Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 1L1

Previously, I had an interesting Vege Potage Ramen at the Baldwin location. Chef Kentaro had created this cold ramen special with the utilizing green chilli. Green Chilli cold ramen consists of thin noodles with spicy chicken, vegetables & bonito broth. Ramen were topped with chicken breast, bamboo shoots cucumbers, scallion, white onion, & lime. For the finishing touch, they were garnished with green chilli & yuzu oil.

The spiciness of this broth had totally reminds me of the Japanese Style Spicy Cold ramen that I have back in September last year at Kinton 5 @ Church. As for the Green Chilli cold ramen, their broth was slightly lighter with utilizing chicken & vegetables. Moreover, their spiciness of green chilli stands out a bit more. Thin noodles had absorbed the spiciness of this Green Chilli broth. You can totally feel the spiciness as slurp those noodles.

In my opinion, I found their broth itself were a bit too spicy for me. Other than that, this is pretty decent.

bowl 350

Kinton 2 @ Bloor – Kichijoji Ginger Cold Miso Ramen
668 Bloor Street West. Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 1L1

After the Ikebukuro Gangsta Spicy Ramen, Chef Shingo had created something different this time. Kichijoji Ginger Cold Miso Ramen – It seems this location loves to use locations as part of their ramen special. Kichijoji (吉祥寺 Kichijōji) is a western suburb of Musashino, Tokyo. Kichijoji Ginger Cold Miso Ramen consists of a refreshing miso chicken & vegetables base broth. Ramen were topped with pork shoulder, bamboo shoot, ground ginger, bean sprouts, scallion, and corn.

I really like the combination of ground ginger & miso chicken broth. It does give you a little kick in your taste pallet. Light miso chicken broth really had the savoury touch, while it does give you a refreshing feeling. Toppings were pretty standard with pork shoulder, bamboo shoot, ground ginger, bean sprouts, scallion, and corn. If you like this ramen style, I would suggest to try.

Bowl 351

Kinton 3 @ Queen – Spicy Pork Mazemen
402 Queen Street West. Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 2A6

Previously, Chef Hiroyuki had offered a Yokohama style Sanma-men at Kinton’s Queen location. What is he offering this time?

Remember Hiyashio Ontama Ramen back in September. This time, he is keeping the onsen tamago and turned this into a mazemen concept. – Spicy Pork Mazemen.

Spicy Pork Mazemen
Mazemen is soupless ramen with a base sauce with various toppings on top. All you need is to mix everything together, and enjoy. Kinton’s Spicy Pork Mazemen consists of spicy ground pork, slow poached egg, season bean sprouts, crispy noodles & cilantro. There were many mazemen in the market. Other than their house spicy ground pork, I think the highlight of this would be the crispy noodles on top. This will provide you an additional crunchy texture after you mix everything together. Pretty interesting~ If you like mazemen with a spicy touch, I would suggest you to consider this one.

Bowl 352

Kinton 4 @ North York – Hiyashi Tomatori Ramen
5165 Yonge Street. North York, ON, Canada M2N 5P5

When I try Kinton’s ramen specials at North York location, it always gives me a nice visual effect on presentation. Previously with Kinton 4’s Yon Shoku Ramen, this time I had an interesting chilled ramen with a little fusion element in this. – Hiyashi Tomatori Ramen

Hiyashi Tomatori Ramen
Chilled thick noodles with chicken breast, tomato, swiss cheese, pea shoots, white vinegar, Japanese apricot extract, & finished with a light balsamic drizzle. These noodles were cooked with proper texture. It had a nice presentation, which I really like how they presented their light balsamic drizzle on top.
This is a light & healthy choice. Unlike other 3 locations, it had a sweet & vinegar taste. This part is very subjective. Either you will love it or you will not like it

If you are in this area & would like to try something different, perhaps you can give this a try.

Bowl 353

Kinton 5 @ Church – Maze Ramen
396 Church Street. Toronto, ON, Canada M5B 2A2

Kinton 5’s Maze ramen is back!!!
I had nice bowl of Maze ramen from Chef Ryohei around March last year. As I saw their special menu, I was about not to try, because it looks almost the same as last year. BUT, I am glad that I had tried it this time.

Maze Ramen
Soupless ramen with house made shoyu sauce, warm ultra-thick noodles, kinton pork (belly & shoulder), scallion, bonito flakes, bamboo shoots, fish cake, and black & white sesame. I would recommend adding chopped garlic & butter as well. This time they had incorporated with their newest ultra-thick noodles from their Gyokai Tonkotsu Tsukemen. It had a solid texture that paired pretty well with their toppings. Just as indicated on the menu, I would suggest adding garlic & butter on the side. It does enhance the flavour with an addition coating of the butter and chopped. Overall, this is good. I might come back and try one more time.

Bowl 354

Kinton 7 @ Markham – Hiyashi Markham
505 Hwy 7 East. Unit #54-58 (Commence Gate Plaza)

Kinton Markham currently operated as their newest location in Markham. The unique feature of this location would be incorporating with Kinka’s classic Izakaya dishes along with Kinton’s ramen menu. In a way, you can taste the best of both restaurants. In my opinion, this concept really strengthens the appetizer section of the menu. Therefore, I am more motivated to order more than ramen at this location.

Recently, they had joined other location for having their own unique summer special. – Hiyashi Markham. Classic Hiyashi chuka style ramen with pork shoulder, half season boiled egg, seaweed, corn, corn, cucumber, beam sprouts, red ginger, mustard, and chicken based ginger broth. Very interesting.

Anyhow, my collection is complete…
If you are a fan of Kinton, you should give this a try.
Kinton Ramen. Thank you for the ramen specials once again.
Looking forward to your next creations in the future


Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues….
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RYUS Noodle Bar – Summer Special 2017

Previously at winter 2016, I had an interesting Taiwan Mazesoba & Spicy Tan tan men at RYUS noodle bar for their winter specials. Summer had finally arrived. RYUS noodle bar had rolled out a series of summer specials starting on May 17th. This summer menu consists of two of their signature salad ramen and a unique Taiwanese style ramen. Let’s start with this one.

Cold salad 1

RYUS 夏の名物! ピリ辛ゴマダレ冷やし中華
Cold Salad Noodle – $14.25
(Sweet Chill & Sesame Sauce)

Comparing with other ramen places in town, RYUS had its own unique style with their cold ramen choices. Classic RYUS design consists of placing a poached egg in the middle, and surrounded with all other toppings around the poached egg. Moreover, you can upgrade to large size without addition charges. As for their cold salad noodles, there is a vegetarian and non-vegetarian version on the menu.
Indeed, this is topped with chopped pork & chicken cha shu, argula, menma, white fungus, homemade seasoned Kombu, and sliced chilli pepper. Variety of toppings had really enlightened this ramen salad. I particularly like their generous amount of toppings they put on the plate. Sesame sauce is one of the popular dressings in a salad ramen. Moreover, their sweet chill sauce had a small pinched of spiciness in flavour. In my opinion, their meat portions were sufficient. If you are a meat lover, you can always add addition chopped cha shu on the side.

Bowl 245

Cold Salad Noodle – $14.25
(Housemade Citrus Shoyu – Vegetarian Friendly)

Citrus Shoyu Ramen Salad is a vegetarian friendly ramen dish topped with stirs fried carrots & shiitake mushroom, arugula, white fungus, poached egg, simmered kelp seaweed, & menma. Variety of toppings had really enlightened this ramen salad. I particularly like their generous amount of toppings they put on the plate. The combination of shiitake mushroom, white fungus and menma had an interesting chemistry. It had a solid and crunchy texture all in one. Their homemade Citrus Shoyu is an important element in this bowl, which brings out the theme of this bowl. This is the refreshing relieved feeling that you are looking for during summer time. Their citrusy shoyu flavour is there and really gets your taste bud going. However, I found the sourness flavour were slightly sharper than I thought. I might pour a little less dressing next time. Other than that, this is a decent vegetarian ramen salad indeed.

Taiwan Ramen

RYUS風-台湾 ‘塩’ラーメン

RYUS Style Taiwanese Ramen ($12.25)
*Level of Spiciness – Regular, Hot, & Extra Spicy +$1.00*

Other than their unique salad ramen, here’s an interesting ramen style that were not too common in Toronto. – Taiwan Ramen

Taiwan ramen is a one of the ramen style originated from Nagoya. Taiwan Ramen was created by a Taiwanese Chef who had a shop in the Chikusa district of Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture) in the 1970s. Basically, he took the concept of the tantanmen, and inputted his variation to the formula. The broth of the Taiwan ramen consisted of a chicken broth with the toppings of ground pork/chicken, and nira (chives). With this ramen, you will have a taste of clear flavour broth with a touch of spiciness flavour in it. As for Ryus version, it was topped with spicy ground chicken, chives, bean sprout, sesame, and red chili. I believed it had an emphasis of spiciness with their house made chili oil. But not to worry, you can choose the spicy level for this ramen. I had tried the second level with three chilli, and it’s manageable for me. If there’s next time, I might try the next spicy level with additional chopped chicken/pork cha shu.

My very first Nagoya Ramen experience in Toronto was at Imanishi (Bowl 204) around 2016. The overall style was comparable with one and other. However, there were minor differences with one and other. For example…
• Noodles – RYUS had its own customize noodles that carries their soup base a little different than the other
• Nira (Chives) – instead of the long strips, Ryus had reduced to smaller pieces and scattered on top. Similar effect. Perhaps, it looks visually different.
• Chilli oil – different blend of chilli oil were used.
• No dried garlic. But include addition bean sprouts instead.

Overall, both had their own characteristics. Most importantly, you won’t see this ramen too often in Toronto. I am sure there will be some cooler days in the summer. In this case, you can give this a try.

Taiwan Ramen 2

Here’s my detail review for RYUS Summer Menu 2017.
Chef Ryuichiro Takahashi. Thank you for the ramen once again.
Looking forward to the next ramen creations.

Anthoni’s Ramen Adventure Continues ….